NAPWA newsletter

Let me take this opportunity to greet and welcome you to this issue of the NAPWA Newsletter. It has been a challenging period yet highly productive for us as an organisation. The work that was put into coming up with this newsletter by all our members in all the 9 provinces is something to be commended.

hope that as you read through this publication you will get valuable information that will provide greater insight about our work and contribution to the South African National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS. I also hope that you will not only be a beneficiary of this initiative but a contributor in one way or another.

NAPWA has come of age in the last 16 years since our establishment. That alone calls for taking stock of how far we have come and the strategies we need to lay for the future. It further calls for reviewing of our strategies and approaches in implementing our programmes and activities. NAPWA’s national focus continues to be of programmes that will benefit not only our members at support group level but also at branch level and the immediate community at large.Our efforts are geared towards all sections of society that are both infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. This has been at the centre of our programmes.

I also commend those who have made a conscious choice to be ambassadors and champions for People Living with HIV and AIDS in their workplaces. My sincere words of gratitude go to the NAPWA Board, the Management and all the NAPWA staff members from all the provinces of South Africa, all NAPWA branches and partners. A big thank you to our funders for believing in us and in our wealth of experience to deliver services to the communities. Their tireless efforts and contributions in making NAPWA a success that it still is even today cannot go unacknowledged.

Our esteemed readers,

HIV & AIDS is still a major development challenge in South Africa and
needs concerted efforts in order to mitigate its impact .Giving people
the right information is paramount, involving both men and women and
encouraging them to participate in community dialogues, talk about HIV
& AIDS in speak out sessions will go along way in dispelling myths around
HIV. Read more about how NAPWA is addressing some of these issues
and especially involvement of men in the crusade against HIV through the
men’s programme.

The HIV Leadership Through Accountability (LTA) programme has started
to reveal some of the human rights violations of PLHIV through the ongoing
Our Participation in the government initiated HCT campaign has seen
thousands of people come forward to test for HIV.
NAPWA has also been involved in a number of community outreach
activities that have been represented in pictorial form.
We hope that the publication will give you more insight into NAPWA’s work and particularly in addressing the
needs of PLHIV.

NAPWA wishes to thank all its partners that have enabled the organisation to achieve what it has so far.
We also wish to thank the sponsors of this publication-Skillshare International.
Please send your comments and inputs for futures issues to:
P.O Box 66,
Germiston, 1400,
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