Human Rights Day Celebrations


In Celebrating the human rights day, the National Association of people living with HIV and AIDS would like to congratulate the gains made by our government in HIV and AIDS response in particular the availability and access to treatment in South Africa. 

NAPWA is gladly welcomes the call by our government to double the number of people taking ARV treatment by 2016, as currently the country has 6, 4 million people living with HIV and 2,4 million people who are on ARV’s. This is a clear commitment that the country is moving in a good direction to implement the global vision for “Zero new Infections, Zero Deaths and Zero Discrimination”. 

NAPWA believes that HIV and AIDS is an extremely unique epidemic that needs a comprehensive approach. As we celebrate the Human Rights Day, NAPWA would like to thank the contribution made by entire fallen activist who died because of HIV and AIDS related illnesses in the struggle to combat HIV and AIDS. Today we are taking one pill a day, PLHIV they live longer because of your contributions, we salute you. 

As we celebrate the Human Rights Day, NAPWA do acknowledge that there is still lot that the country needs to do especially to address Stigma and Hate Crime. This month NAPWA is going to dedicate it by convening Community Dialogues nationally to address issues of Stigma and Hate Crime. PLHIV are still facing Stigma and Discrimination in our society. We therefore call for action, respect the rights of PLHIV as human beings and treat them equally as you do to other people who have other chronic illnesses. In the workplace PLHIV living with HIV are still facing Stigma and dismissal because of their HIV status.2 


In Conclusion, this year as we celebrate the 20thAnniversary of our existence, NAPWA and other PLHIV organizations are going to embark on a National PLHIV Stigma Index research to measure the levels of Stigma and Discrimination in our country. This will help the country to develop the Stigma mitigation program. 

For more information please contact the NAPWA Secretary General, Mr. Mluleki Zazini – 072 126 6666 

Statement issued by 

Mluleki Zazini 

Secretary General 

072 126 6666